Information Escrow

Learn more about what information escrow is, how it’s used, and how it might benefit your company.


What is information escrow?

Information escrow allows companies to transmit sensitive information to a trusted intermediary, an escrow agent, who only forwards the information under prespecified conditions. This type of escrow prevents the risk of valuable private information from being disclosed to unauthorized parties.

Specifically, in the business context, information escrow service assists companies with securing sensitive documents, which can only be released under certain predefined conditions. The escrow agent attests to the ownership, content, and creation date of the escrowed materials.

Common use cases

Information escrow is most commonly used when part of the product development process is outsourced to a third-party designer; or when a transaction is taking place, and a trusted third party is required to store the documents until certain milestones are met. It is also frequently used to hold intellectual property and other sensitive and confidential information that can be stored physically, electronically, or in the cloud.

Some examples include:

Product designs


Engineering or manufacturing designs

Industrial specifications


Chemical formulas

Encryption keys

Branding campaigns

Advertising campaigns

Title deeds

Trademark assignment


Song lyrics

How does Codekeeper help?

As the escrow agent, Codekeeper’s role is to receive, store, and protect escrow deposits within a secure facility accessible only to authorized persons with a valid reason. It is also required to implement extensive security safeguards that ensure the integrity of data transmission into escrow, allow for content encryption, and validate authenticity.

Codekeeper fits directly into modern development and source code management workflows, which means deposits can be automated while removing the unnecessary burden of making manual deposits and increasing security. Once the deposit is made, Codekeeper also validates the format and completeness of the data file set of each registry escrow deposit.

Our modular pricing structure responds to the needs of the marketplace with four simple, straightforward plans with no hidden fees. You can get a plan for as low as $59 per month, with a start-up fee of only $199. This includes unlimited continuous deposits, beneficiary confirmations, and more. Even a free escrow agreement is included, which means you save additional dollars on lawyer fees.


Further reading

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