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Information Escrow

Learn how information escrow protects software developers and their clients as part of end-user licensing and service level agreements.

What is information escrow?

Information escrow allows companies to transmit sensitive information via a trusted intermediary — typically an escrow agent such as Codekeeper — to prevent the risk of disclosing critical, classified information to unauthorized parties.

Specifically, in the business context, information escrow assists companies with securing access keys, encryption keys, patents, and all other sensitive assets. The escrow agent attests to the ownership, content, and creation date of the escrowed materials, releasing them to the designated beneficiary only under specific, predefined, contractually agreed-upon conditions.


Information escrow is a specialized solution designed to protect intellectual property, sensitive information, and other critical assets from being accessed by unauthorized or malicious parties that may seek to violate IP rights or formulate an attack.

What is information escrow used for?

Information escrow is most commonly used when one or more parts of the product development process are outsourced to a third-party. It is, however, a versatile solution that is employed in different scenarios where there is a transaction taking place and a trusted third party is required to secure critical information until certain milestones are met. It holds intellectual property and a wide array of other confidential information that can be stored physically, electronically, or in the cloud.

What kind of information is stored?

Examples of the types of information that are stored in information escrow include but are not limited to:

Product designs


Engineering or manufacturing designs

Industrial specifications


Chemical formulas

Encryption keys

Branding campaigns

Advertising campaigns


Title deeds

Trademark assignment


Song lyrics

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How does Codekeeper help?

As a trusted escrow agent, Codekeeper’s role is to receive, store, and protect mission-critical assets. With cost-effective pricing, you can securely store your escrow deposits in our world-class data centers for as low as $79 per month, with a start-up fee of only $249.

All plans come with cutting-edge automation technology, advanced security features, rich integrations, unlimited continuous deposits, free escrow agreements and confirmations, and more.


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