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Learn how Codekeeper stacks up against other escrow providers when it comes to pricing, features, services and much more.

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What to consider before you select a software escrow provider?

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Is the solution designed for your situation?

Whether you are going for recovery or aiming for full continuity, the solution should seamlessly fit and at the same time be as price efficient as possible.

Are deposits automated and free?

To make sure you have the latest version stored securely, automation is a key feature that shouldn’t cost you more.

Is the legal framework ready for customization?

Each situation is unique and requires customization. This should be part of the service and built into the process.

Are there integrations with your systems available?

Ease of use for developers is very important to be able to keep everything in line with your production environment.

Learn how Codekepeer stacks up to other providers.

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Upgrade to Codekeeper from your current provider and save 20% or more!

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Don’t just take our word for it

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Excellent service. This is easily the best way to handle it for both yourself and the client.

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Codekeeper is a new service for creating escrow agreements for code, specifying the legal circumstances where source code can be accessed.

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Source code escrow is a great service, and one that ALL developers who do client contract work should look into.

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These companies already secured their software continuity.
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Software escrow secures the source code needed to recover if a supplier is no longer able to provide access or support the software you need for your business operations with an independent 3rd party.

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Introduction to Software Escrow: A Guide


12 pages

Learn how software escrow helps you mitigate risks and ensure your mission-critical systems remain unaffected through any circumstance.

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