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Our team is scattered across two locations — the company headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands and our second office in San Francisco, CA.

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The Netherlands

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About us

Codekeeper was founded by people from the technology industry. It made no sense to us that source code escrow would not be directly integrated with modern software development platforms. So we built a completely new modernized platform for source code escrow that combines traditional legal security with modern technology workflows.

After our soft launch 6 years ago, we launched our SaaS solutions 4 years ago. Today, Codekeeper ensures that our clients have reliably up-to-date source code deposits, and we also offer official escrow agreements, release terms, beneficiary management, data escrow, verification, and an arsenal of other services.

Pricing Philosophy

Software escrow is comparable to your home insurance: You need it, but fortunately it's almost never called upon. At Codekeeper, we believe that everyone should have access to this kind of insurance for their mission-critical systems, and this is reflected in our pricing philosophy.

We keep your costs low from the get-go. The only extra fees you pay are for a thorough legal and technical analyses of deposited materials—should you require them in case of a release event. Our pricing is simple and designed to meet the needs of agile companies while saving them thousands of dollars that they would normally pay upfront.

Expert Security

Data security runs deep in our DNA. We maintain world class physical and digital security in every aspect of our service. Read more about our security practices here.

Global company

We have offices in the US and in The Netherlands, and we are a trusted partner of great companies from all around the world.


Information Security Guide

Download our guide to learn more about the measures Codekeeper takes to ensure utmost security for your source code escrow.



Introduction to Software Escrow: A Guide

Learn how software escrow helps you mitigate risk and ensure your mission-critical systems remain unaffected through any circumstance.

Protect your source code with Codekeeper

Software escrow secures the source code needed to recover if a supplier is no longer able to provide access or support the software you need for your business operations with an independent 3rd party.