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State-of-the-art software escrow solutions

Become enterprise-ready by making your clients disaster-proof using our Recovery and Continuity solutions for (SaaS) software companies.

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We support all popular developer platforms. 50+ Integrations available.

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Simplifying Software Escrow

Traditional software escrow can be overly complex, time-consuming, and expensive.
Does this sound familiar?

Everything is still manual?

Traditional escrows require expensive manual deposits at extra costs, and they take long to process.

Manual deposits in traditional escrow can be unnecessarily time-consuming for developers.

Developers often face complex and confusing deposit procedures.

The legal complexities of traditional escrow can lead to expensive lawyer-driven processes.

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Uncertainty about reliable and fast recovery?

Old school escrow solutions aren’t prepared for the requirements of the real-time SaaS cloud era.

With traditional escrow, developers can end up with outdated and incomplete deposit versions

Traditional escrow often lacks crucial deployment configuration information.

Without a dedicated team, quick redeployment can be a challenge in traditional escrow scenarios.

Unnecessary Risks

Not taking steps to protect continuity for your software comes with huge risks and lost opportunities.

Lost Opportunities: Enterprise companies demand escrow. Don't limit your potential.

Legal Pitfalls: Non-compliance risks legal disputes. Safeguard your business with escrow.

Client Dissatisfaction: Lack of recovery plan increases churn. Secure client trust with escrow.

Value Erosion: Slow recovery can erode value. Protect your assets with escrow.

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Experience the Codekeeper difference today.

You are losing out if you're spending lots of time and money on a solution that lets your team down when they need it most.

Why people choose Codekeeper

One centralized platform to handle all your escrow management for both software developers and clients.

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Learn more about solutions for quick recovery and full continuity that easily fit your existing workflows and procedures.

Explore Our Solutions
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Designed for Software Continuity

Multi-layer protection ensuring you have everything you need for a successful recovery and continuity.

Software Escrow

SaaS Escrow

Custom Escrow

Automated Deposits

Integrates directly with developer workflows. Deposits are encrypted and fully automated.

Recent versions always deposited within 24 hours

50+ Integrations available

AES256 Encryption Security

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A solid legal framework included

A legally sound escrow agreement comes with each Codekeeper account, and we customize it together to fit your situation. No lawyer required.

Legal work included

Quick turn-around

Ready for all kinds of scenarios

Assured Recovery

Quick recovery in case of a release event. Release procedures are processed 24/7/365, and you get expert redeployment support if you need it.

Full recovery support

Payment guarantees

Many verification options available

More About Verification Solutions
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As seen on…

A few of the mentions we’ve received on the web.

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Excellent service. This is easily the best way to handle it for both yourself and the client.

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Codekeeper is a new service for creating escrow agreements for code, specifying the legal circumstances where source code can be accessed.

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Source code escrow is a great service, and one that ALL developers who do client contract work should look into.

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How it Works

Your comprehensive step-by-step guide to navigate and utilize escrow services with confidence, security, and ease.

We support all popular developer platforms. 50+ Integrations available.

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Select your level of protection

Choose from our range of state-of-the-art Software and SaaS Escrow solutions, tailored to fit your needs and level of risk mitigation.

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Solid legal framework

Benefit from our robust legal framework, tailored to fit your specific needs. Avoid unnecessary legal fees with our customizable escrow agreements that we'll prepare for you.

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Automated Deposits & Easy Management

Integrate directly with your developer workflows for automatic deposits. Manage all your escrow needs from our centralized dashboard, ensuring your assets are always up-to-date and secure.

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Verification service

Opt for our verification services to ensure you have everything you need to redeploy your business applications and other critical assets.

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Quick recovery & continuity

In the event of a release, take advantage of our 24/7/365 quick recovery services and expert redeployment support. For SaaS Escrow, enjoy zero downtime as the running applications are secured in the escrow.

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Ready for growth

As your needs change, our flexible plans allow you to scale up or down easily. From developers to enterprises, we've got you covered with over 50+ integrations available to support most commercially available environments.

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Best Value on the Market:
With a price guarantee!

Clear and simple pricing

No costs per deposit

Save up to 80% per escrow!

Explore Our Pricing
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Ready for enterprise clients?
Bring guaranteed software continuity to your clients today

Ensure your place in the enterprise market by offering guaranteed continuity to your clients. We simplify the process, so you won't miss out on big deals.

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