Add-ons - SaaS Escrow

Protect critical cloud-native applications

Provide SaaS escrow to your clients and deploy your applications to our multi-cloud environment ready to go on a release event.

SaaS Applications

$299/ environment

+ $99/ application

(Hosting costs billed separately - actual cost + 6% for administrative & payment processing)

SaaS Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

IBM Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

RackSpace Cloud

Digital Ocean


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*This add-on is not included for Developer Plan

Speedy, frictionless recovery

Lower your infrastructure costs, mitigate risk, and ensure quick recovery in any disaster scenario.

How Our SaaS Escrow Works


The developer deploys (possibly as part of their normal continuous deployment process) to the environment


Codekeeper provisions an account on the selected cloud platform


The developer deploys (possibly as part of their normal continuous deployment process) to the environment


Optional: Codekeeper checks the environment for availability every month


Results: in a default the beneficiary can switch over without almost no delay to the escrowed SaaS environment

Learn more about SaaS escrow

Learn how SaaS escrow protects software developers and their clients as part of end-user licensing and service level agreements.


Secure your SaaS
— and peace of mind

Add an additional layer of protection by ensuring you have everything you need for a successful recovery. Validate the completeness and usability of each escrow deposit, and once you execute your recovery plans, test whether your application data was properly restored.


Trusted by Fortune 500 and small companies alike

Take advantage of cost-effective, scalable, enterprise-grade features.


We help global companies of all sizes protect and manage their most critical assets with minimal effort thanks to a quick set-up process, intuitive UI, and cutting-edge security features.


Codekeeper supports all development frameworks, including Java, .NET, Python, and Node.js, helping improve your team’s agility with seamless automations.


Securely store your data and maintain its safety and integrity at our state-of-the-art data centers while ensuring around-the-clock availability, whenever you need it.


Scale your escrow repositories up and down to meet fluctuating demands. Protect your data for only $79/month, with a start-up fee of $249, including unlimited deposits and more.


Organize your data and configure escrow repositories in ways that meet your specific business, organizational, contractual, and compliance requirements.


Whether you use an in-memory database, an online repository, or different physical data centers, we integrate with popular cloud services and custom solutions alike.

Industry-leading features at the best price

You don’t need to break the bank to protect your systems with unmatched security, scalability, and availability.
Let us know your current requirements, and we’ll send you a tailored offer.

Best-in-class security

We’ve built the strictest security standards into the core of our product, and we conduct comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure your data is always protected.


Our data centers adhere to the highest security standards and security policies. Security is always our first priority.


Data is secured at all times, both in transit and at rest with AES256/512 encryption.


If you prefer manual upload, our upload folder system also provides you with a secure way to deposit your source code.


The Anatomy of a Software Escrow Agreement

Learn everything you need to know about executing a successful software escrow agreement — from negotiating the terms to handling a speedy release and recovery.


We operate within the ISO27001 security framework. Our datacenter certifications:

Protect your most critical code and data

Set up your first software escrow agreement today and secure your assets in minutes. Take advantage of industry-leading automation, security, and recovery features at the best price on the market.