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Software Escrow
securely store your software assets, ready for quick recovery

We provide state-of-the-art automated integrations with all developer tools. Easy for developers, peace of mind for software clients.

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We support all popular developer platforms. 50+ Integrations available.

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How prepared are you for the worst possible scenarios?

Scenario 1

Your supplier got sued and instantly went bankrupt. You lost thousands of lines of code!

Scenario 2

You go into the office as usual, to find all your systems are locked by a ransomware attack.

Scenario 3

Your developer decides he wants more money than agreed and holds your software hostage.

These are just some of the scenarios that happen on a daily basis that wipe out entire companies because they lose control over the source codes and the data that powers their business.

Risks you can avoid today!

Modern business moves at a high pace and your software systems are of critical importance. Don’t get caught by a catastrophe when it’s easy to avoid these risks.

Counter Party Risk


Stolen Data


Unplanned Downtime

Catastrophic events

Backup recovery problems





And many more

It’s time to protect your source code and data. Software escrow is the easy and affordable way to protect yourself against risks.

Ready for Recovery

Software Escrow

Manage Escrows with Ease

The central dashboard allows you to quickly setup and manage all escrows for your organization. Both depositor and beneficiary on the same platform.

Designed for Recovery

The recovery solution means that you store all required assets that are required to quickly recover in case of a release event.

Integrated with Developer Workflows

Recent versions are always deposited within 24 hours, AES256 encrypted and fully automated. We support more than 50 integrations!

Most affordable Escrow option

The recovery solution means that you store all required assets that are required to quickly recover in case of a release event.

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We support most commercially available environments.
50+ Integrations available.

Make it easy for your developers to keep the deposited source code and data up-to-date using our library of integration options.

Easy & Automated

Securely store these assets, ready for quick recovery

Source code

Make sure source code is deposited as part of your escrow so you can redeploy when needed.

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Most applications require your data to work well. Deposit databases or backups to make sure you don’t lose track of data.

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Deposit all kinds of intellectual property, sensitive information, and other critical documents.

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Technology & Designs

Use the escrow to deposit intellectual property that has been developed.

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One of the most important aspects in getting back up and running. Deposit credentials with ease.

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We operate within the ISO27001 security framework. Our datacenter certifications:

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Ready for Continuity

Take your protection to the next level with SaaS Escrow

Includes all Software Escrow features, with additionally:

Protected Hosting Environment

Immediate Recovery

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Software escrow secures the source code needed to recover if a supplier is no longer able to provide access or support the software you need for your business operations with an independent 3rd party.

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Introduction to Software Escrow: A Guide


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Learn how software escrow helps you mitigate risks and ensure your mission-critical systems remain unaffected through any circumstance.

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