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In-depth & Comprehensive

Dive deep into your code with our comprehensive manual verification services. Trust Codekeeper to deliver the highest standard of source code integrity.

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Comprehensive Manual Code Verification Services

When it comes to maintaining the quality and security of your software, a more in-depth approach may be necessary. That's where Codekeeper's manual verification services come into play.

Our manual verification process involves a team of experts who meticulously inspect your source code, configuration materials, and other supporting documents. We provide you with a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, enabling you to address potential problems early in the development process​​.

Key Features & Advantages

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In-depth review of source code

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Ensures regulatory compliance

Potential Problems Icon

Identifies and addresses potential problems early

Improves Overall Icon

Improves overall quality and security of software

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Our Manual Verification Solutions

Verification Advanced

Includes source code inspection, configuration materials inspection, other supporting material inspection, software installation, and achieving a running operational version of the software.

$2,495/ report

Verification Complete

Everything in Verification Advanced.

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Testing of up to 20 key features.

$3,995/ report

Need a custom verification protocol? 


Safeguarding Your Software:
An Array of Manual Verification Use Cases

Bankruptcy Icon

Bankruptcy of the Supplier

Ensure the software can be maintained independently in case of supplier's financial instability.

Suspicios Icon

Suspicion of Malicious Code

Detect potential backdoors or malicious code in the software.

Violation of Licensing Icon

Violation of Licensing Agreements

Verify whether the supplier has used components they are not licensed to use.

Intellectual Icon

Intellectual Property Disputes

Confirm or dispel intellectual property violation suspicions by examining the code.

Non Responsive Icon

Non-Responsive Supplier

Verify the code for independent maintenance when supplier fails to respond to support requests.

Change Icon

Change in Supplier's Business Direction

Check code to ensure independent maintenance in light of supplier's shift in business focus.

Long Term Icon

Long-Term Agreement Monitoring

Regularly verify source code to ensure it remains in good condition over long-term contracts.

Supplier Icon

Supplier Acquisition

Ascertain the capability to maintain software independently if the supplier is likely to be bought out.

Lack of Updates Icon

Lack of Updates or Patches

Confirm the code is up-to-date and secure when the supplier fails to provide regular updates.

Quality Icon

Quality Assurance Issues

Verify source code to identify issues when software fails to meet performance standards.

Third Party Icon

Third-Party Dependency Audit

Confirm continued functionality when software has dependencies on other third-party software.

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Secure your code, data, and peace of mind

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Escrow deposits sometimes contain files that are corrupted, incomplete, difficult to use, or even contain viruses.

Documentation could be missing, passwords could be improperly documented, third-party dependencies not outlined or included, etc.

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Different levels of technical verification are used to validate the completeness, accuracy, and usability of materials deposited into escrow as assurance that the beneficiary will be able to effectively deploy their escrow deposit in case of a release.

Release Icon


Verification provides an additional layer of protection and peace of mind by ensuring the beneficiary has everything that they need for a successful recovery — whether they’re using their developer’s source code in-house, or transitioning to a new supplier.

Add verification to your escrow today!

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Software escrow secures the source code needed to recover if a supplier is no longer able to provide access or support the software you need for your business operations with an independent 3rd party.

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Learn how software escrow helps you mitigate risks and ensure your mission-critical systems remain unaffected through any circumstance.

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