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State-of-the-art Disaster Recovery Solutions

In an interconnected digital world, ensuring continuity and safeguarding data is not just a good practice—it's an essential strategy for all.

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Whether you're developing cutting-edge software, navigating the tight regulatory frameworks of finance and healthcare, or overseeing critical government and infrastructural functions,
Codekeeper's disaster recovery solutions provide the certainty you need.

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Disaster recovery made easy

Are these sectors you operate in or collaborate with?

Illustration ofSoftware / SaaS Companies

Software / SaaS Companies

Seamless Protection for Continuous Innovation.
Stay ahead in the fast-paced tech sector by safeguarding your innovative software and SaaS products.

Protect intellectual property and source code

Maintain uptime for SaaS offerings

Secure client data and trust

Regulated Industries

Compliance and Continuity Hand in Hand.
Navigate complex regulations with confidence, knowing your essential data is recoverable and secure.

Meet stringent industry compliance standards

Ensure patient or customer data integrity

Manage audit trails and reporting with ease

Illustration of Regulated Industries
Illustration Government Bodies

Government Bodies

Robust Recovery for Public Trust.
Keep public services uninterrupted with solutions that stand up to the highest standards of accountability.

Secure sensitive citizen data

Uphold public service availability

Ensure governance continuity in crisis

Infrastructure / Societal Impact

Guardianship Over Critical Systems.
Protect the backbone of society's most critical infrastructure, ensuring services that people depend on are always running.

Safeguard essential utilities and services

Minimize the impact of disruptions

Ensure rapid recovery from unforeseen events

Illustration of Infrastructure / Societal Impact
Educational Institutions Icon

Educational Institutions

Ensuring academic continuity and safeguarding research data.

Telecommunications Icon


Keeping communication networks operational in any scenario.

Healthcare Providers Icon

Healthcare Providers

Protecting patient data and healthcare service delivery.

E-commerce Platforms Icon

E-commerce Platforms

Ensuring transactional integrity and customer data protection.

Manufacturing Sector Icon

Manufacturing Sector

Safeguarding production data and supply chain logistics.

Energy and Utilities Icon

Energy and Utilities

Ensuring stability in power and resource management systems.

Legal Services Icon

Legal and Professional Services

Protecting client information and case management systems.

These sectors rely heavily on data integrity and system uptime, making disaster recovery plans essential to their operations.

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These tailored solutions ensure that no matter your sector, Codekeeper is your ally in building a resilient future.

Select your level of protection

Based on your business case you can select different levels of protection that fit the level of risk mitigation your are trying to achieve:

Ready for Recovery

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Software Backup

Source code and application data backup made easy.

Fully Automated Source Code Backups

Integrations with all main software development platforms

Unlimited Repositories

Illustration: Software Backup Dashboard Learn more
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Software Escrow Shield Icon

Software Escrow

Securely store your software assets, ready for quick recovery.

Most recent version always deposited within 24 hours

Software escrow agreement included, incl. legal revisions

50+ Integrations available

AES-256 Encryption Security

Illustration: Software Escrow Dashboard Learn more

Ready for Continuity

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SaaS Escrow Shield Icon

SaaS Escrow

Next level protection for cloud-native applications.

We keep your applications running for your users

Support any hosting environment

Support for 3rd party services & dependencies

Learn more
Illustration: Next Level Protection for Cloud-Native Applications

Full Lifecycle

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Data Custodian Shield Icon

Software Custodian

Full life cycle of your data management for full compliance and control.

We manage your data when you can’t

Support for all major platforms and services

Guaranteed compliance and asset protection

Learn more
Illustration: Data Custodian for Full Compliance and Control

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions or need a custom solution, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team for assistance by sending an email to

Let's Start with Disaster Recovery Planning

Use our free Disaster Recovery Planning tool to monitor your assets, identify risks and structure mitigating measures. All from one dashboard.

Illustration: Disaster Recovery Planning for Guaranteed Continuity
Illustration: Disaster Recovery Planning Toolkit

Disaster Recovery Planning Free Toolkit

Register for free and start planning your approach today.

Information Assets List

Internal and External Data Management Systems

Risk Register (use for your ISO27001/SOC2)

Risk Mitigation Methods

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