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Verification Solutions


Certify your disaster preparedness for next level certainty about your recovery process

Our suite of services ensures that your software and data assets are thoroughly verified, enhancing your recovery strategy with both automated precision and expert insight.

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Is Your Recovery Guaranteed?

When the unexpected strikes, the real test begins. Are you equipped with all necessary components for a fail-safe recovery? Codekeeper's Verification Solutions confront this question head-on.

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Depositor Diligence

How do you verify that the depositor has included everything essential for a full system restoration?

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Comprehensiveness Check

Can you be sure that no critical data, code, or documentation has been omitted?

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Recovery Readiness

Is the deposited material up-to-date and capable of restoring your operations without a hitch?

With Codekeeper, bridge the gap between hope and certainty. Ensure that your safety net is complete and your recovery undisrupted.

In the realm of software disaster recovery preparedness, certainty is paramount.

Codekeeper's Verification Solutions bring that certainty to the forefront, utilizing the latest in automated technology to provide continuous and thorough verification of your software assets.

Our process doesn't just stop at generating reports; we delve deeper, offering specialized human oversight to catch what technology alone may miss.

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Continuous Automated

Our system tirelessly scans and analyzes your deposits, ensuring nothing is amiss.

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Specialized Human

Beyond automated checks, our experts apply a rigorous human touch to test and confirm your recovery assets' integrity.

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Dedicated Technical

Navigating issues or compliance concerns? Our specialists are well-versed in the needs of developers, offering tailored assistance to maintain your compliance smoothly.

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With Codekeeper, you secure more than just a service; you gain a vigilant partner dedicated to the security and readiness of your software recovery plan.

Your Verification Action Plan

Step 1

Select your protection level

Based on our risk analysis select either automated or human level of verification, and how often it should be executed.

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Step 2

Select the digital assets

In your account select the assets (source code, data, environments etc.) on which the verification should be performed. You can also set the protocol for human verification.

Step 3

Review Verification Reports in your account

The Codekeeper verification specialists perform the verification and deliver a report for you to review, right inside your account or via email.

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Certified Ready for Recovery

You have set up all you need to make sure your organization is fully ready to implement your disaster recovery plan.

For more details, let our experts assist you.

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Deposit Verification

Guarantee recovery by using automated and human verification directly integrated with your Software and Saas Escrow

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Reports available right from your dashboard and via email.

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Do I need to verify my software escrow deposit?
The short answer is: Yes, you do.

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Verification services are used to validate the materials deposited into escrow. Verification helps ensure that the beneficiary (end-user) has everything they need to update or upgrade the software application.

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Verification services offered by a trusted software escrow agent, such as Codekeeper, give you a complete look into the content of the depositor’s escrow deposits.

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The level of verification that’s right for you depends on your budget, risk tolerance, and degree of customization of the software. Codekeeper offers different levels of verification to ensure you get the level of protection you need.

Verification Levels

Based on your business case you can select different levels of protection that provide the insights you need in your disaster recovery readiness.

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Content Verification

Provides a profile of the content under deposit in report form.

Insight into relevance of material

Overview of the asset size and the number of people working on it

Adds transparency to development process

$10 per application per month


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Activity Verification

Offers a profile of the development activity (changes) on the source code or data.

Insight into the project's progression

Overview of update or modification frequency

Demonstrates ongoing development and maintenance efforts

$10 per application per month

Human Specialized

Human Specialized Icon
Illustration: Shape Verification Advanced

Verification Advanced

Additional certainty using a human powered process

Human Powered Verification

Configure the application environment

Verify the application runs successfully


Per application per report. Discount available for regular scheduled verification.

Technical Specialists

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Verification Complete

Increase the scope to include application functionality and usage scenarios.

Human Powered Verification

Configure environment & run the application

Check up to 20 features (custom scenarios optional)


Per application per report. Discount available for regular scheduled verification.

Certain Quick Recovery

Deposit verification helps you guarantee smooth recovery when a release of the source code or data is triggered.

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Software Escrow

Securely store your software assets, ready for quick recovery

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Software Backup

Source code and application data backup made easy.

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Learn more

We support most commercially available environments.

50+ Integrations available

Make it easy for your developers to keep the deposited source code and data up-to-date using our library of integration options.

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Don’t let your customers down, verify your deposited material

Software verification doesn’t have to be complex or expensive

When your clients depend on you for their business operations you can’t afford not being able to recover quickly.

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Loss of Revenue

Every minute of downtime drains an average of $5,600 from your financial reserves.

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Legal Repercussions

Face legal and regulatory challenges without proper solutions in place.

Compromised Data Integrity Icon

Compromised Data Integrity

A breach can irreparably tarnish the trust you've built with your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready for Recovery using Deposit Verification

Leverage our source code verification services to ensure your software remains uninterrupted, no matter what happens.

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Deposit Verification

Add this to your Codekeeper account today.

Your software keeps running uninterrupted

Your operations are protected

You have a solid legal framework in place

Fully automated process

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