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Arm yourself with the information you need to set up a successful software escrow process for your organization.

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Introduction to Software Escrow: A Guide

This hands-on guide walks you through everything you need to know to implement a successful software escrow process for your organization, including what a software or source code escrow is, how it’s used, and the ways in which it can benefit your company.

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Expert Insights: Software Escrow Agreements

Download this Codekeeper guide on setting up a successful software escrow agreement. Learn how to negotiate your agreement, including defining deposit materials and verification requirements, formulating the rights and responsibilities of each party to the agreement, and defining release conditions.

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Sample Software Escrow Agreement

This annotated software escrow agreement walks you through some of the most common (and the most important) terms and conditions that are included in every successful software escrow agreement, from deposit materials to verification to release.

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Information Security Guide

The integrity and security of the data you entrust with Codekeeper is our highest priority. This free guide explores the high standard of physical, procedural, and technical safeguards Codekeeper takes to preserve the integrity and security of your data and information.

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Software escrow secures the source code needed to recover if a supplier is no longer able to provide access or support the software you need for your business operations with an independent 3rd party.

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Introduction to Software Escrow: A Guide


12 pages

Learn how software escrow helps you mitigate risks and ensure your mission-critical systems remain unaffected through any circumstance.

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