An Introduction to Codekeeper - Software Escrow Solutions

Revolutionize software escrow with Codekeeper — an all-in-one solution offering seamless protection, automation, and cost savings. Join us today for a free demo and eliminate third-party risks from your business operations.


Hi there! I'm Jonathan from Codekeeper.


Today, I'll show you how we can eliminate third-party risks from your business operations with our state-of-the-art software escrow solutions. Let's get started.


Does software escrow have to be this hard? Traditional software escrow requires expensive manual deposits and long processing times.


Old school solutions aren't equipped for the requirements of the real-time SaaS Cloud era. Don't waste your time and money on a solution that lets your team down when they need it most. Let us show you a better way.


Introducing Codekeeper: an all-in-one centralized platform to handle all of your software escrow management needs for both software developers and end user clients.


We provide multi-layer protection, ensuring you have everything you need for successful recovery and continuity. Our solution integrates directly with developer workflows, allowing for fully automated double-encrypted deposits of software into escrow.


We provide a legally sound escrow agreement for each account, and we customize it to fit your individual needs. No lawyer required.


Quick recovery in case of a release event. Release procedures are processed 24/7, and you get expert redeployment support if you need it.


And last but not least: we offer the best prices guaranteed. With no hidden costs , and a potential saving of up to eighty percent per escrow. it's a no-brainer.


Visit our website to find out more about software escrow, and book your free demo today.


Thanks for watching.

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