How to Configure a Software Escrow Agreement

Learn how to configure a software escrow agreement with ease on Codekeeper. Follow four simple steps to set up roles, agreement types, and details for both the depositor and beneficiary. Save time and ensure a smooth escrow process. Book a free demo and discover more about software escrow.


Hi. Welcome to Codekeeper. In this video, we'll learn how to configure a new software escrow agreement. Let's get started.


After you sign up, you will see this dashboard when logging into your account. We'll start by clicking the plus new escrow button, and the escrow configuration window will open.


The setup is done following these four steps on the sidebar, and we'll go through each one by one, starting with the basics


First, you will configure the escrow role. Select whether you are the one who will deposit assets, or will receive source code repositories.


In this case, I am the depositor. After specifying the role, you will select the type of agreement. Let's select tripartite, meaning the agreement will be signed by the depositor, Codekeeper as the escrow agent, and the beneficiary. Then click the save and create button.


After the basics, we are going to fill the parties in all required details for both depositor and beneficiary, starting with the depositor. You can edit the details for the organization, signatory, and at least one representative contact for the entire escrow configuration process. Then click the save button.


On the beneficiary side, edit the representative contact who will monitor the entire escrow configuration process. Then click the save button. After the parties, we can move on to the notifications. These are the notification settings, In this process, we'll leave it as default.


Next and final step: within the agreement settings, we will configure the legal context, deposit type, release conditions, jurisdiction, and escrow agreement liability SLA.


In this example, we will go for a license- and development agreement. As deposit type, we select source code. Then, for release conditions, we select bankruptcy here. Next, for the jurisdiction, we select escrow agent jurisdiction. Finally, for the escrow agreement liability SLA, we select no liability.


After all the details are set and entered correctly, confirm by selecting “Generate agreement”.


The escrow agreement has now been sent to Codekeeper for processing, and will be shared soon. When the agreement is ready for review and approval, you and the beneficiary will receive an email.


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Thanks for watching.

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