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Exciting news! Introducing our new Codekeeper software escrow platform - modern, user-friendly, and packed with features. Trusted by global brands, we offer top-tier software escrow services at unbeatable prices. Schedule a demo with our experts to enhance your software security.


Hi! I am Jonathan from Codekeeper and I am very pleased to announce the launch of our new Codekeeper software escrow platform.


We continually invest our resources into staying ahead of market trends and developing innovative solutions to suit our clients needs.


Over the last few months our technical team of highly skilled software developers and testers has been working tirelessly to design the all-new Codekeeper platform. And it's finally here!


The new Codekeeper platform offers the most modern, easy-to-navigate user experience available on the market today.


With a fresh new look and simple user interface, it also offers in-app escrow agreement configuration, easy repository integration for developers, insights into the frequency of deposits for beneficiaries, and more.


We've grown to include some of the biggest brands in the world on our client list over the last decade. We strive to keep evolving to offer you the best in software escrow services at the best prices guaranteed.


Whether you need business continuity or recovery, we've got you covered. Head on over to to find out more about the solutions we offer, or to set up a demo call with one of our experts.


Thanks for watching.

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