How to Deposit Your Assets Into Escrow (Automated)

Learn how to automate software escrow deposits effortlessly with Codekeeper. Activate integrations like GitHub to link your repositories, then make deposits with a few clicks. Your assets will be continuously updated and fully encrypted, ensuring seamless escrow management. Discover more about software escrow by booking your free demo today.


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In this video we'll learn how to deposit your assets to software escrow using automated integration method. Let's get started.


In order to set up automated deposits, we first have to activate your working integrations by selecting the Integrations menu on the sidebar.


In this case, we'll activate GitHub integration so you can link your repositories to our platform. Start by clicking the activate button, then we'll have this pop-up message to connect directly to GitHub by signing in and granting Codekeeper access to your repository.


After the integration is successfully connected, you'll see this pop-up confirmation message meaning your GitHub repositories are ready for the deposit process. You also can confirm that it's activated in the active Integrations section.


Now let's make a deposit into the existing escrow. Navigate to the deposits menu on the sidebar and you'll see all of your deposited assets in the escrow.


To add a new deposit, click the “make deposit button”, then select your existing signed or active escrow. For the deposit method dropdown, select Oauth deposit. Next, select your active integration.


In this case, we are connected to GitHub. Now select the repository you want to deposit for this escrow. Then click confirm deposit, and there you go. Your repository is now added to the escrow - continuously updated and fully encrypted. You can repeat this process if you'd like to deposit all your repositories into the escrow.


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