How to Deposit Your Assets Into Escrow

Learn how to automate software escrow deposits effortlessly with Codekeeper. Activate integrations like GitHub to link your repositories, then make deposits with a few clicks. Your assets will be continuously updated and fully encrypted, ensuring seamless escrow management. Discover more about software escrow by booking your free demo today.


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In this video, we'll explore how to deposit your assets into a fully signed software escrow. Let's dive in!


Whether you're part of a bipartite or tripartite agreement that includes a beneficiary, your escrow is ready to take deposits once all parties have signed. Navigate to the Signed Escrow and then to the Deposits Tab. To start adding assets, click on the Make deposit button.


We offer multiple deposit methods: OAuth Deposit, Custom Deposit, and Secure Upload. Although Secure Direct Upload is quick and straightforward and certainly a possibility, OAuth and Custom Deposits allows for daily update checks, ensuring your assets remain in sync.


First things first, to use OAuth or Custom Deposits, you’ll need to activate an integration to your source code platform. Clicking this link will take you to the integrations page, where you’ll be able to activate the integration to your source code platform by following the simple listed steps.


Now, let's start by connecting your assets. Once your integration is active, you can select your repository from a dropdown list. Select your integrated platform and choose the desired asset for deposit. Repeat this process for all assets you want to deposit into the escrow.


With everything set, it’s time to activate the escrow. By activating, you will send out your selected notifications, and secure your assets under the agreed terms of the escrow agreement. Are you ready to activate your escrow? Go ahead and click the button here to finalize.


Then confirm by clicking "Activate." And there you go! Your escrow is pending activation. All assets with the taken status have been deposited into escrow, and the ones that are awaiting a deposit will be added within 24 hours.


Your assets are now secured within the escrow and continuously updated. Visit our website to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions and book your free demo today!


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