What is Software Escrow

Discover the importance of software escrow in safeguarding your business continuity. Codekeeper simplifies the process without the need for lawyers, offering end-to-end encryption. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, don't miss out on this vital protection. Book a free demo and learn more about software escrow today.


Hi there. I'm Jonathan from Codekeeper.


You may have wondered before: what is software escrow, and how does it work exactly?


In this video, we will be walking you through a simple explanation of how software escrow can help protect your business continuity in the event of a disaster.


Software escrow is a service provided by agents like Codekeeper that allows you to place mission-critical software that your business relies on on a daily basis into escrow.


Let's say your software provider goes out of business, or is bought out by your competitor.


Now you have no access to the software you need to run your business. What do you do? This is where software escrow comes in.


When you place your mission-critical software into escrow, you will always have access to it in unforeseen circumstances.This means your business can operate as usual, without risking any loss in revenue.


We help you set up an escrow agreement, negotiate the terms of the agreement, and step in as a mediator when a release event is triggered.


No need for lawyers or unnecessary fees. We ensure that your source code is kept safe by implementing end-to-end encryption protocols. Encryption keys are kept safe in our vaults and only come out when a release event is triggered.


We are the chosen software escrow provider of various Fortune500 companies and pride ourselves in providing an all-inclusive concierge service offering. Now the question remains, can you really afford not to invest in software escrow?


Visit our website to find out more about software escrow and book your free demo today.


Thanks for watching.

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